"In every difficulty we face, we seek to find an opportunity."



MIGUEL RODRIGUES – Director General & CEO

Miguel Rodrigues was part of the management team of Rede Globo, the largest TV station in Latin America, for ten years. At this time, it was involved in several novels like "Kubanacan", "Senhora do Destino"; "Cobras e Lagartos", "Duas Caras", besides being one of the directors responsible for the series "In the form of the law", nominated to Emmy International 2011, competing with productions of the Japanese NHK broadcasters; Canal + French and BBC English.

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Soon after graduating in journalism from PUC Minas, Adauto Lima Neto studied cinema in London, going through renowned institutions and working with several professionals in the British market. Upon returning to Brazil, he directed his first short film "Miolo de Pão", and at the request of Biblioteca Vagalume, 3 episodes of a series recording the NGO's work for the Legal Amazon. He also went through projects such as the "O Jogo Duplo" series and various advertisements for large national and international clients.

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LEANDRA AIEEDO – Executive Director

Stylist and Executive Producer graduated from SENAC Rio de Janeiro, Leandra Aieedo was fashionable traveling the world, having her experiences and references of customs and style in her many passages by countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Spain and London. As a fashion producer she has carried out several publicity campaigns and editorials for well-known travel and entertainment magazines, among them Vip and Revista A Magazine.

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Stratostorm VFX – Partnership

We create unique experiences, uniting creativity with new technologies. We produce 3D, Compositing, Visual Effects, Concept Design and Animation. In late November 2014, Helena Hilario and Mario Pece strategically launched StratoStorm, a state-of-the-art post-production studio based in São Paulo, equipped with state-of-the-art workstations, render farm and a first-rate team The mission is to provide visual effects with the quality and level of Hollywood work in cost less than a post-production house based in USA.

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Leo Kawabe – DP – Partnership

Currently, living in São Paulo / Brazil, he is fully dedicated to the Direction of Photography both abroad and in Brazil. He is fluent in Portuguese, English and Japanese, and has worked abroad as Director of Photography for companies such as NISSAN (GTR), TOYOTA LEXUS (LFA), PANASONIC LUMIX, NIKE, MIZUNO, ADIDAS, OXY, KIRIN, PEACH JOHN, LUSH among others. He recently performed advertising projects in Brazil for FIAT, BRAHMA (Ambev), NÍVEA, C & A, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, ETNA, WALMART, GUARANÁ ANTARCTIA, YPIOCA, PUMA, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, among others.

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Writer and playwright. Born in Recife, he lives in São Paulo since he was 6 years old. A city that has become the scene present in most of its texts. In 2011 he was selected for the SESI - British Council Dramatic Nucleus with his text "The Girls of the Neighborhood". Under the supervision of playwright Marici Solomon, he developed the text "Gravidade" or "Grav (...) iiidaDÊ!". The piece was published in 2013, in a new volume of pieces published by SESI-SP itself

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