Weekly program - 24 minutes


Weekly program of de 30 minutes (24 content and 06 interval) for Cinéfilos and for the audience that loves and wants to learn about cinema. With varied paintings and always in a good mood, we will show the creations of the seventh art, we will walk in time, we will travel together with the artists in their creations, and in each encounter, news from Brazil and the world with frames behind the scenes, releases, reviews And productions. We want to live cinema in every way and from every angle. Awards and festivals, such as making movies, a history lesson about artists and arts, a dynamic, engaging and relaxed program.


Two presenters will be divided between anchors of one of the programs in an amusing cinematographic scene, where they will speak about releases, curiosities, the history of the cinema and also a relaxed chat with a super guest connected to the seventh art. During our program time, cadres will join with other project members. Our team will always be connected to partner networks to have a project in which we will receive contributions and comments from the public about the films, and also choose the next programs, voting on future films and interviewees.


Creator: Miguel Rodrigues

Presenters: Bruno Trento, Luciana Milano e Pedro Lopes.

News Reporter: Camila Turim e Viviane Salles

Direction: Miguel Rodrigues e Hamilton Rosa Jr.

Script: Monica Castilho, Vitor Cardoso e Hamilton Rosa Jr.

Executive Producion: Leandra Aieedo e Miguel Rodrigues