Short Film

Co-Production of the Creative and TV Nucleus Take a Take.

The candidate for mayor, Bernando (Pedro Lopes) is being blackmailed on the eve of the election and becomes distrustful of all his team. Along with this, his memory lapses put him into a serious crisis of consciousness. He relies on his wife Dorothy (Beatriz Campus), but the situations and their ability to distinguish the real from the imaginary make everything increasingly absurd to the point that he can not know if he is being manipulated or if everything is just a figment of his imagination.

Cast: Pedro Lopes, Beatriz Campus, Marco Ortiz, Bianka Fernandes e Adriano Arbol

Script: Cleber Marque

Director of Photography: Miguel Rodrigues

Production: Miguel Rodrigues e Fernanda Paixão

Audio: Jivago Santinni

Edition: Guilherme Pedroso

Finalization: Igor Yano Vieira e Carlos Medina

Origina Track: Pepe Cisneros