Descarga Elétrica


Descarga Elétrica project is an independent initiative to boost Brazilian humor in audiovisual works destined to the Internet with TV quality. The idea is to generate weekly content that humorously addresses routine situations. This project was conceived by Miguel Rodrigues, Gus Fernandes and Márcio Américo, and is part of the Entertainment Section of Take a Take Films that counts on a wide and qualified crew of actors, producers, costume designers, cameramen and writers under the General Direction of Miguel Rodrigues.

Actually, our team is not composed by so many so talented people as we mentioned above, but we decided to describe our business like that as we believe that it would make it easier to draw your attention and grab some of your money to produce our projects. With only 8 months now, Descarga Elétrica channel has released over 40 films and reached over 500,000 views on Youtube.

Written by Márcio Américo, Marcelo Izquierdo, Marco Barretho, Newton Cannito, Daniel Bisogni, and guests, Descarga Elétrica is a new attempt to make comedy in the web. We release videos weekly with funny texts loaded with criticisms, translated by the amazing talent of our casting.

Our goal is to get more views and raise the number of subscribers and put them in the hall of more successful channels through good humor. We count on your support actresses.