Short Film, 19 minutes, drama, film noir

Production Take a Take Films – Creative Nucleus of Cinema


A loving tribute to the cinema of the shadows, the film noir. Three characters wrapped in a game of glances, in a game of fog and shadows. Tulio is a detective obsessed by a client, the widow, Gloria. He does not even remember if she first sought him out to investigate her husband's death, or if there was anything between them. The fact is that this woman entered his life and marked him. Martha, the masseuse, warns the widow not to dive so deep into her relationship with the detective. There is a reason for the masseuse to insist so much on advice, she is hopelessly in love with her client. But what, after all, is love for these three characters? Is it concrete? Is it durable? Or just a passing abstraction as a perfume, increasingly volatile as the imagination.


Mário Möhrle, Nelly Trindade, Carmen Luiza Moura, Ornellas, Adriano Arbol, Felipe Rosa

Executive Production: Leandra Aiedo, Miguel Rodrigues e Mayanderson Lage

Photography Direction: Miguel Rodrigues

Finalization: Hamilton Rosa Jr., Guilherme Pedroso, Carlos Medina

Script and Direction: Hamilton Rosa Jr.

Target audience: Not recommended for children under 14 years of age.