Inferno de Cada Um


Is there a connection between people? What lives are linked to you? “O Inferno de Cada Um” depicts the lives of anonyms in São Paulo that are connected to each other. Filmed in HD and with duration of 80’, this fiction long featured film shows our world as it really, taking the lid off the lives of 14 people. A mysterious chain of coincidences will approach them slowly and change their destiny forever. The characters are confused and contradictory individuals that struggle to make choices and waivers in their lives.


The characters outlined in the script originate from different social classes and experiences and are found in critical moments of their lives at the limit of their emotional control. The film reveals how ordinary people can make small mistakes and even atrocities. Conversely, it also shows that as long as we grow and mature, we gain discernment and intellectual independence required to evaluate and criticize such determinations and life values.

The film addresses, therefore, what we consciously do not accept: attitudes and behaviors that our moral values classify as acceptable and choices and waivers we make every day.

Directed by Miguel Rodrigues, experienced director of soap operas and projects from Studio Take a Take, the project is written by Wagner D’Ávila, playwright, actor, screenwriter and producer. The cast is formed by young and renowned actors and

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