Infinite Highway

Log Line: A famous musician travels through the biggest studios, those who made the history of Brazilian music and chat with great musical directors from all over the country.

Format: TV Series / Documentary / Number of episodes: 08 / 24min

Synopsis: "Infinite Highway" is an 8-part documentary series that aims to explore the history of famous and emblematic recording studios of Brazilian music production, especially rock and pop. Our protagonist begins an investigative and emblematic journey, of how the studios emerged, their trajectory and the bankruptcy of some, the dramas of these characters and their joys, let us enter the world of these infinite "Infinite Highway".

Target audience: Age group: from 20 to 60 / Minimum age: 12 years / Social Class A, B, C; Audience that likes music series, stories, roads, travel and behind the scenes of musical productions.

Theme and Approach: Music studios in Brazil, their great producers and famous musicians. We will approach the topic by mixing interviews with real characters, archival material (videos and images), excerpts from music and video clips, album covers, newspapers and magazines. The Infinita Highway series will assemble a kind of dossier of the main recording studios with its timeline, which was most significant produced there: a great album or song that was born in that studio, a great musician who started or was discovered there, a great partnership that happened in that place. At the same time, the series will recover the geographical, social, cultural context and, above all, the music scene in which that studio is inserted in order to investigate how this environment interferes with the music that is produced there and if, in fact, there is a symbiosis between music production and its immediate surroundings.