Not Everything Is True

Meta-Language Comedy-Drama / TV Series 13 Episodes -44 min

Log Line – Reality and fiction are mixed in Rafaela’s life, an actress that makes the best of her time to save her family and successfully launch her new TV show.

Synopsis – Rafaela is working on her new TV show of fake documentaries, in which she also tries to release her lover Paulo as actor. Her relation with her husband Duarte is getting worse and worse and she expects a divorce. Duarte, in its turn, is a ladies’ man that does not accept her wife cheating on him. In such whirlwind, Rafaela can’t see it clearly what happens around her, particularly with her daughters, Sônia and Marta, both in love with the same boy, João Gutierrez. The only family member not undetected is Mário, Rafaela’s youngest son, who doesn’t cope well with his parents’ crisis. Duarte finds out that Rafaela is cheating on him and kicks her out of the house, which leads Rafaela and her lover Paulo plotted to kill Duarte. But is all true? Paulo, the lover, has always been friends with Duarte and it seems they are plotting to destroy Rafaela. Is Duarte really dead? To make things worse for Rafaela, Joana, her schizophrenic sister is missing. Rafaela obsessively tries to mislead the police as regards her involvement with the murder. Paulo becomes more and more suspicious and Rafaela cannot tell which side he is in. In a final meeting with Paulo, Rafaela finds out that he and her husband plotted to harm her as Rafaela had always concealed that Marta is daughter of Paul They all accuse her and ask her to get lost, including her own daughters. Rafaela decides to accept everyone’s decision and disappear, but she’ll be back for revenge.


Created by: Vasco David Lopes

Directed by: Miguel Rodrigues

Written by: Vasco Lopes, Cristiano Aro and Miguel Rodrigues

Producers: Vasco Lopes, Leandra Aieedo and Miguel Rodrigues

Executive Producer: Luiza Tomé

Take a Take Films


Work in Progress

Pilot recorded being now under mixing and color grade stages

Season 1 - 12 written episodes