New Star

Format: Reality Show / 26 episodes / 24 minutes.

Theme: Life of the actor. (What is their background, career, fame, the difficulties of paying the bills, we will address this topic in the form of dramatic statements from the cast)

Log Line: 24 actors from different regions of Brazil will be chosen, the first stage will be through videos that they will send to the production. The second stage will be by hung out, the production with the 80 best candidates; the third stage in the silk of the TV or of the producer with the 40 candidates, to choose 24 candidates. These candidates will be our cast until they are eliminated. They will be eliminated weekly or daily, and in each episode someone will leave.

Target audience: Age group from 20 to 60 years old / Minimum age 14 years old / Social class A, B, C; Audience that likes reality show, metalanguage, behind the scenes of productions, good production, intelligent texts, modern language.