Mickel Lic is a wicked American director who easily fires actors for the slightest gaffe by just saying ‘NEXT’. Further to hard daily rehearsals, these young talented actors in the Metropolitan São Paulo have to deal with their own personal dramas, missing their families and friends left behind.

References: Splash, Glee, Mozart and the Jungle


As reality shows are increasingly successful and the eminent audience’s curiosity to know the big production backstage, NEXT comes to fill in a still empty gap in the Brazilian market. Series like Smash and Glee confirm that such gender reaches not only those who love musicals or specific niche of art admirers, but the general audience, mainly when it comes to Brazilians, a naturally musical people!

About Next 

A big American musical company, Estratosfera, came to Brazil for to produce one of the largest musicals ever and is looking for new talents in search of success, fame and opportunity. Talented professionals come from all parts of Brazil and even Argentina and meet in São Paulo for singing and acting auditions. Our characters will face a big challenge, nest audition or maybe NEXT. Men, women, transsexuals trying to find their place in the sun, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it, even if it’s unused or unethical.

Created by: Miguel Rodrigues and Victor Cardoso

Directed by: Miguel Rodrigues and Tadeu Aguiar

Written by: Vitor Cardoso - Miguel Rodrigues - Eduardo Bakr

Director of Photography: Leo Kawabe

Executive producer: Leandra Aieedo, Warney Paulo and Miguel Rodrigues

Associated producer and transmedia: Rodrigo Hurtado

Target audience and windows

From 15 to 40 men and women – Cable Player TV (FOX, SONY, WARNER) – Open TV

(Globo and Record) Netflix