O Rei da Pirataria




Log Line

After falling in love with Sarah, a former video store owner who went bankrupt due to the proliferation of piracy, playboy Danilo, current successful King of Piracy, decides to hide his illegal activity to conquer this great passion.


References: Meu Nome Não é Jhonny , Cilada.com, Contrato Vitalício... Rebobine Por Favor.



   The advancement of technology, the switching of VHS tape to DVD, the emergence of Blu-ray or Netflix, has been as damaging to the end of video rentals as the proliferation of DVD piracy. With a production cost of less than a real one, its sale became highly profitable, to the point where pirates did not fear the police. Because piracy is still considered a light crime, Danilo, the protagonist of our story, risks making money illegally, because at worst, money to pay lawyers and sureties is what will not be lacking.

"The King of Piracy" is a free-ranging comedy, although it addresses a controversial subject. However, it is finished with positive messages of what is right or wrong, and that it is not worth being an "outlaw." In addition to the central conflicts highlighted in the synopsis: Danilo has problems with the police and the secret that can end Sarah's passion, he also faces difficulties in his relationship with his son Lucas, a shy boy raised by his mother. The problems that have recently arisen in Danilo's life bring several moments of despair, however, they end up bringing father and son closer together.