Obsessiva Adoração

Co-Production of the Núcleo Criativo de TV e Cinema Take a Take.

The candidate for Mayor, Bernando (Pedro Lopes) is being blackmailed on the eve of election and starts suspecting his whole crew. Further, his memory lapses put him into a severe crisis of conscience. He is supported by his wife Dorothy (Beatriz Campus), but the events and his capacity to distinguish reality from fantasy turn everything unbearable to a point that he is not able to know whether he’s being manipulated or it’s just fruit of his imagination.

Cast: Pedro Lopes, Beatriz Campus, Marco Ortiz, Bianka Fernandes and Adriano Arbol

Written by: Cleber Marque

Direction and Photography: Miguel Rodrigues

Production: Miguel Rodrigues and Fernanda Paixão

Audio Operator: Jivago Santinni

Edited by: Guilherme Pedroso

Finalization: Igor Yano Vieira and Carlos Medina

Original Music: Pepe Cisneros



In a hectic routine of a big city, where the individuals become more and more diluted and the hearts more and more individualists, a young couple builds its world in a closed bedroom in a sick and dependent relationship, where Bianca accepts to be locked in four walls not to lose her love; Mauro. In the middle of love and hate, violence and fear, desire and sadism, “Obsessiva Adoração” displays jealousy to the last consequences and the imprisonment of the human being in its insecurity and selfishness.


A modern narrative with a close-up camera in motion that is part of the story. Sliced, contrasted light of ethereal penumbra. Fancy costumes and sets, bright and illuminated. A romantic and extremely beautiful prison that looks like heaven rather than captivity. Naturalist acting that, with oneiric touch, promises intimacy of the relationship between viewer and characters. A couple in its bell jar surrounded by the poetry of love in excess.


Bianca – Gabriela Linhares

Mauro – (possible actors) Rodrigo Santoro, Murilo Rosa, Mateus Solano

Guilherme – Rodrigo Hilbert

Leda – Glória Menezes