Stand Up or Die

STAND UP OR DIE (Stand Up ou Morra)

Not every joke is funny


Feature Film - Fiction - 100 min


Genre - Comedy



João (Léo Castro), a successful Brazilian acupuncturist, married to Laura (Fernanda Freitas) with two children to support, lives dreaming of a life he doesn't have: becoming a stand-up comedy professional. But despite his wife's encouragement, because of the language, he gets so nervous on stage, that he gives up on his career until he finds out that another comedian, Gérson, (american actor) stole his best new joke and consecrated himself with it. Tormented by seeing his joke everywhere, João ends up freaking out, decides to kill Gerson, however, ends up killing his cat, losing his job, going to Voodoo centers, destroying his marriage and being arrested, but showing himself funnier with each step and for end, proving to have a future in comedy.



The film talks about one of the most present themes in the world: professional dissatisfaction after 40 and the search for a PLAN B. Most people just talk about it, complain, but not many people decide to move and take an attitude, like João, our protagonist. To see your dream fail and be stolen, it is even understandable that a murderous momentum arises.