The Lawyer

"The ends justify the means."

Format: Reality Show / 12 Episodes / 50 min

Theme: Court, lawyers

Genre: Drama and action

Log Line: A group of new lawyers, super selected, competing for a single vacancy, which only the big winner of the reality will get: a contract with the largest law firm in Brazil.

Target Audience: Age group: from 20 to 60 / Minimum age: 14 years / Social class: A, B, C; Audience that likes reality shows, advocacy, debates ...

References: "The Apprentice", "The Legalizer"

Objective: Debate our laws, make the audience want to monitor and exchange information with the program in everyday cases. We will choose a particular case, current judgments, make our jury and debate with the public.

Format: In a jury court, competitors try to show their skills, in law firms by formatting the causes, every 03 episodes they have a new trial, then their mistakes and successes are debated, by a body of famous jurists, they score in a competition from the beginning to the end of the season, only two will go to second season, they score as they convince the highest number of judges per episode.