Vegan Chef

Format: Reality Show / 13 episodes / 24 min

Theme: Veganism and its aspects, food and health.


Log Line: Vegan Chef is a reality about healthy eating, quality of life and transformation. Our chefs will only use products that are not of animal origin, the idea of ​​the program is to show the audience that we are able to eat well, in a natural way, destroying our planet as little as possible.

Target audience: Men and women aged 20 to 50 / Classes A, B, C /

First Audience: Vegans, vegetarians and supporters.

Second Audience: Those who enjoy cooking and food in general.

Third Audience: Who likes reality shows and similar programs.

Fourth Audience: Fans of the celebrities who will participate in the program.

Synopsis: We will have three vegan chefs, the hottest in Brazil today, chefs who already have their programs on Youtube and have an audience on the internet. These three chefs will show their skills by developing new dishes for each program, for guests who have never eaten vegan food, who love meat and find vegan food impossible. The chefs' mission is to transform the life and thinking of the participants. Some of them will be artists and digital influencers, and the program will be presented by Helen Jabour, a woman who represents this market well.