Love in Quarantine – Longa Metragem 90′ – Romantic Comedy

Love in Quarantine.  / Feature Film 90'

Genre - Romantic Comedy 
Love in Quarantine is an international movie.

80% spoken in English on the streets and houses of São Paulo.

In the cast, Fafy Siqueira as Dona Odete, the mother of the protagonist Alex, who can only communicate with gringos by a translator app.  Gabi Spaciari, a talented actress with international works, who is now in Brazil, as visual artist Alex, who is married to Victoria, played by actress Caroline Correa - Brazilian but resident in Los Angeles for more than 20 years.  David Wendefilm, a foreign actor who has lived in Brazil for years, as Chris, Victoria's Austrian ex-boyfriend, who is stuck in São Paulo due to the lockdown with Alex, much to the dismay of his fiancee who is in Miami, the digital influencer Maya, played by Karmel Bortoleti.


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