Filmmakers – Cine Guerrilha

Log Line: Three film crews have an almost impossible mission to make a telefilm from the script after 26 days, recording it with a cellphone - each episode of the season means a day of production.

Format: Reality Show / 26 Episodes / 24 min

Target Audience: Age group: From 20 to 60 / Minimum age: 14 years / Social class: A, B, C; Audience that likes Reality show, metalanguage behind the scenes of productions, good production, intelligent texts, modern language.

References: "American Vandal", "The Office" (NBC, 2005), "Modern Family" (ABC, 2009).

Format: Each team has six participants: a director, a producer, an assistant, a cameraman, an art and scenography director, an electrician and an audio operator. Each filmmaker director chosen by the production of the program chooses his team according to his profile, the teams are formed, interspersing filmmakers betting on their teams and testimonies of each filmmaker saying a little about themselves and why they chose to be a "filmmaker". We intersect with testimonials from famous filmmakers. After the chosen teams each receives a theme for the film, they start working, creating, breezing, debating, they have 24 hours to present an argument. Each director is responsible for leading his team. The first to present the script wins a bonus of 3,000.00 for the production of the film. These arguments will be evaluated by famous filmmakers who can make some guesses and choose the best one, who will win the bonus.