Drama Series for TV - 48 minutes



Our history starts back in 2005 with our leading characters ELIZABETH, LUCAS and DANIEL and their love and existential conflicts. Through them we will discuss several behaviors ABOUT LOVE - the affective love, self-love, sexuality, selfishness, jealousy and several issues in such universe. To what extent is fidelity more important than loyalty in a relationship? Do you become a villain for cheating the person you have a relationship with or this is part of a primitive human instinct? Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time? Love builds, but can it also destroy when one can’t love? This all discussed in a modern and current fashion, approaching the viewer to the reality that surrounds everyone or displayed on the Internet, newspapers and magazines. The three characters will experience situations and upheavals that will lead them and the audience to question the several forms of relationship. These characters will conduct the plot through a series of events. The years pass by and the last episode of the season ends in the actual times open for possible new seasons if required.

Marketing Director: Davi Carvalho (All Senses)